Reconnecting in Connecticut

This weekend involved a lot of travel, as my mom’s extended family converged in Connecticut for our semi-annual family reunion. We’ve lived all across the country – in California, Colorado, Texas, Seattle, Brooklyn – and over the past few years, the location of our reunion has changed, but we try to meet up at least once a year to reconnect. This year, I took a bus from DC to my sister Jess’s house in Connecticut, my younger sister Hannah and my mom flew up from Texas, and we all drove to Mystic to visit my aunt’s family and friends.

The journey was not without its speedbumps. Traffic and an overworked bus driver doubled the length of what should have been a six-hour trip from DC to Connecticut; the next day, we took a wrong turn out of JFK and made it three hours into Long Island before realizing that we were supposed to be driving through Connecticut. At that point, we had two choices – take a ferry across the Sound, or drive all the way back to the city and then another three hours to Mystic. It was a bit of a wrench in the works, but the ferry ride was a pleasant break from an unexpectedly long road trip.

My mom, niece, and myself enjoying the ferry

We arrived in Mystic on Saturday afternoon and took the opportunity to relax and decompress from the long trip. We grilled some chicken, enjoyed a meal together, and called it a night.

FullSizeRender (3)The next day, we headed out for a walk around Mystic. My aunt has recently opened up an incredible gallery called Curated, which sells fine art and beautiful objects that she has collected from around the world. We continued our tour, catching a glimpse of the famous Mystic Pizza (confession: I’ve never seen the movie) and the town’s iconic drawbridge. Hopefully, I’ll get to do a little shopping before we leave for the airport tomorrow – there are some bookstores and a tea shop that I’d love to explore. We also hit up a beach in Rhode Island that happens to be super close to Taylor Swift’s house – not exactly on my bucket list, but the water was freezing and the waves were perfect.

On Monday, my cousin and her roommate joined us in Mystic and we visited the town’s aquarium. Hannah and my niece Angelina are both obsessed with sea life, so it was a super fun bonding opportunity for the two of them. Look how happy Angel looks!

Mystic has been a great vacation from all of the stress and bustle we’ve been dealing with recently. We’ve done some antiquing, eaten some great food, and enjoyed each other’s company. Tomorrow, we’ll drive my mom to the airport and return to Jess’s house for a day of relaxing before Hannah and I bus down to DC to check out some universities. College tour updates to come!




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