Looking Back: Pumpkins on the Beach

It’s been a crazy semester. That’s pretty much my only excuse for not updating this for the past four months. Don’t hate me, I struggle.

It hasn’t been all bad, though. Me and the #squad took a drive down to Assateague Island, about four hours from DC. The island is known for the Pony Swim, when the feral horses that roam the island are rounded up and swum over to nearby Chincoteague to be auctioned off each summer. (That sounds a little weird but it’s supposed to be super cool, and helps to keep the population of horses on Assateague down to manageable levels). Tragically, we saw no wild horses while traipsing around the island, but we still had a ton of fun.

22140632_1791557294217811_1062261104_o (1)

First, we rented this ~cool car~ and drove down to the coast. We stopped for oysters at AJ’s on the Creek, which I would highly recommend – super cute location, and fresh food at great prices.

IMG_0920 (1)We took this J Crew-certified photo shoot in front of the Assateague Light, located on the Virginia side of the island.

IMG_1250 (1)On the way, we stopped at a market stall and bought a pumpkin, which would later become the coolest Jeb!-themed jack-o-lantern the world has ever seen. This was right at the beginning of fall, so we were all feeling seasonal and decided to be the only weirdos carrying around a giant pumpkin on the beach. The crab stance definitely added to our aesthetic.

IMG_1167 (2)This is the pure joy of a central Texas girl experiencing the ocean.

The lesson: if you need to get out of DC, Chincoteague and Assateague Islands make a great day trip. Be sure to explore the beach and the wildlife trails if you want to spot the elusive wild ponies, and definitely make it a point to sample the islands’ great seafood. We had a ton of fun, and will totally go back next year (maybe when it’s a little warmer).

Finals are wrapping up, and I’m super excited to fly home to Texas next week. I’m planning on taking it easy, spending some time with family, and roadtripping around some of the best Christmas towns Texas has to offer. Updates to come!

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